REMEMBER: The “Three Ts” of cleaning are: Time (soaking), Turbulence (such as rubbing, scrubbing, or using a high-pressure washer), and Temperature (using a heated solution). With STARPOWER higher Temperature is not necessary. However, the other two Ts, Time in some cases, and Turbulence in almost all cases, may be involved in doing the job.

Refer to the Dilution Chart on the container to determine the level of strength needed for the type of cleaning to be done (e.g. greasy engines, machinery, rust stains). Note that the 1:2 ratio is the most common one recommended.

Spray STARPOWER on the dirty area and wipe the dirt and grime away with a cloth. When cleaning a larger area, using a brisk circular motion (Turbulence) works best.

For hard surfaces like metal or concrete it is usually best to use a 3M-type scrub pad instead of a cloth (Turbulence). Then rinse the area with water or wipe it with a cloth to remove the loosened substance that was being cleaned.

For really stubborn areas, it may be necessary to let them soak in STARPOWER for a while (Time) before they can be cleaned. In some cases a less diluted solution will be necessary.

For painted surfaces, test a small inconspicuous area first to determine the colorfastness of the paint. In some cases, color will show up on your cloth, but it may only be due to the removal of an outer layer of faded and oxidized old paint, revealing the bright fresh paint beneath the surface. On painted surfaces, rub gently, especially if you are using a scrub pad, because you could remove the paint from the surface if you rub too hard. If painted areas are soaked with STARPOWER for an extended period of time, it is likely that the paint will be broken down and removed. Therefore, do not let this happen unless you wish to remove the paint.

When removing graffiti from a painted surface, rubbing too hard will remove the graffiti, but may also remove the paint from the surface. Keep in mind that the graffiti and the surface will be cleaned layer by layer, like the layers of an onion. So watch the progress of the graffiti’s removal closely to prevent the removal of the paint underneath the graffiti. (Click here to see a video clip of graffiti removal.)

Dilution Chart

PLEASE REMEMBER: STARPOWER is an industrial strength concentrate. You will rarely need to use it at full strength. Save money by following the dilution chart below. For your convenience, the chart appears on all of our STARPOWER containers.


To Clean . . . Ratio
Aircraft (If approved for use) 1:5
Autos & Trucks 1:20
Blood 1:4
Carbon Black 1:2
Cooking Exhaust Hoods 1:3
Cosmoline 1:2
Engine Parts (Parts Washing) 1:3
Floor Wax Buildup 1:2
Food Processing Equipment 1:3
Graffiti 1:2
Greasy Engines 1:2
Greasy or Oily Floors 1:20
Hard Water Deposits 1:3
Hoses 1:5
To Clean . . . Ratio
Ink Stains 1:2
Machinery 1:3
Meat & Poultry Plants 1:20
Mildew 1:2
Oil Storage Tanks 1:2
Old Oil Stains 1:1
Paint (Oil or Water Based) 1:1
Petroleum Products 1:2
Printing Equipment 1:2
Rust Stains 1:2
Soot on Engine Exhaust Ports 1:2
Tile 1:20
Train Engines & Cars 1:5
Tubs, Sinks & Basins 1:3

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