STARPOWER Super Cleaner/Degreaser® 55-Gallon Drum

Size: 1 Drum
Sale price$699.72



  • Universal Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Eliminates the Need for Multiple Specialized Cleaners
  • Water Based (not solvent based)
  • Industrial Strength Concentrate
  • Surfactant And Emulsifier Free (Won’t defeat oil-water separators)
  • Environmentally Safe and Friendly
  • USDA Approved for Food Processing Facilities


STARPOWER cleans all types of petroleum products, old oil stains, greasy engines, engine parts (parts washing), autos, trucks, busses, trains, oil storage tanks, oil rigs, machinery, food processing equipment, meat, and poultry plants, cooking exhaust hoods, sinks, tile, mildew, carbon black, soot, ink stains, floor wax, greasy floors, and blood. STARPOWER also removes hard water deposits, and even rust stains, paint, and graffiti.

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