STARDUST EcoChoice Oil-Only Sorbent Pillow

Size: 8"x18" 20/CTN
Sale price$93.33


  • Capture oily drips, leaks, spills-leave the water. High quality, enviro-friendly absorbent pillows
  • Fabricated from virgin recycled materials – Environmentally Friendly

Fabricated from virgin recycled materials. Absorbs effectively, is “green”, yet cost about the same, or less, than the traditional meltblown pillows it replaces. Fast-wicking fibers are ideal for absorbing drips, leaks and spills of oil and other hydrocarbons. Use under piping, equipment, machinery and in hard to reach tight spots where drips and leaks persist. Excellent for facilities used for manufacturing, food processing, distribution, vehicle and equipment maintenance, printing, etc. Wringable and reusable to reduce waste and save money. Repels water but absorbs hydrocarbons—so ideal for removing oil spills from catch basins, sumps, tanks, ponds, lakes, streams, marinas, etc. No messy cleanup—simply dispose used pillow and replace with a fresh one. If needed, follow up with STARDUST Absorbent for a clean, dry surface.

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