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STARDUST EcoChoice Oil-Only Sorbent Boom

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STARDUST EcoChoice Oil-Only Sorbent Boom
STARDUST EcoChoice Oil-Only Sorbent Boom
Part Number: 4ECWBM5

Fabricated from virgin recycled materials. Absorbs more, is “green”, yet cost about the same, or less, than the traditional meltblown booms it replaces. Fast-wicking fibers absorb oily substances but repel water, making it an ideal barrier for surrounding oily spills floating on water, such as petroleum, solvents, fuel, food oils, hydraulic fluid, and oil-based paints and chemicals. The environment is protected as they are kept from spreading. The boom is 10 feet long and fitted with hooks and loops so it can be linked to form a barrier long enough for spills over a large area. It will not sink, even when saturated. Perfectly suited for spills in ponds, lakes, rivers, marinas, the ocean, catch basins, sewers, and any other types of waterways or industrial setting.

  • Trap and absorb oily spills-leave the water. High quality, enviro-friendly absorbent booms
  • Fabricated from virgin recycled materials – Environmentally Friendly
  • 4/CTN

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