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Seal Up Aerosol Sealant - Case of 6

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Seal Up Aerosol Sealant
Seal Up Aerosol Sealant White
Seal Up Aerosol Sealant Clear
Part Number: D801SUB

Innovative Waterproofing Bitumen Sealant for repair, sealing, waterproofing in one single action. Seal Up distributes liquid bitumen which spreads into cracks. Suitable for gaskets, PVC or metal tubes, ventilation outlets, car bodies, scaffolding, cracks in walls, etc. Used for sealing water leaks on roofs, rain pipes, roofing tiles and patios. Long-lasting protection, anticorrosive and anti-scratch properties.


  • Clean the surface to be treated
  • Shake the bottle well
  • Spray onto surface to be treated and on adjacent areas
  • Apply multiple layers
  • Optimum application temperature: 56F