STARDUST Quick Response Oil-Only Spill Kit

Size: 2 Pack
Sale price$75.70


Each Kit Includes: Yellow Duffle, (15) Oil-Only Sorbent Pads, (2) 3"x4' Oil-Only Sorbent Socks, (4) Disposal Bags, (1) Pair Nitrile Gloves



  • Mobile, quick, economical response to leaks, seepage, discharges, or spills of oils, fuels, petroleum products and other hydrocarbons
  • Use indoors or outdoors on oil spills where water is present—even in the rain
  • Absorbs the spill—but NOTthe water!
  • Lightweight, hand-carried, and easily portable
  • Easy to use, fast-wicking pads & socks of highly absorbent materials absorb many times their weight in oil, but will repel water
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Store it in your vehicles or in convenient locations near likely spill areas
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)


For mobile, quick, economical response to leaks, seepage, discharges, and smaller spills. Oil-only sorbent pads and socks, fabricated to optimize fast wicking and thorough absorption of up to 25 times their weight in hazardous or non-hazardous liquids. Their rapid action reduces time and improves productivity, while enhancing worker safety. These pads and socks are “Green” and environmentally friendly, both in terms of their production method and material content. Water-resistant bright yellow heavy gauge nylon tote is easy to spot and stands up well to inclement weather. Convenient straps make it easy to hand carry to the spill site. Compact size makes it ideal to stow in commercial trucks or other vehicles, and for quick, self-contained response to spills at schools, health care facilities, labs, arenas, hotels, etc. It is durable enough to be restocked for continued reuse.

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