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STARPOWER Super Cleaner / Degreaser

STARPOWER 32-oz. Empty Sprayer Bottle (For Dilution)

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STARPOWER 32-oz. Empty Sprayer Bottle (For Dilution)
Part Number: D506B

STARPOWER cleans all types of petroleum products, old oil stains, greasy engines, engine parts (parts washing), autos, trucks, busses, trains, oil storage tanks, oil rigs, machinery, food processing equipment, meat and poultry plants, cooking exhaust hoods, sinks, tile, mildew, carbon black, soot, ink stains, floor wax, greasy floors and blood. STARPOWER also removes hard water deposits, and even rust stains, paint and graffiti.

Accurately dilute and deploy STARPOWER throughout your facility for quick and easy access. Clear, high-density polyethylene bottle is properly labeled to identify STARPOWER as its content. Convenient hash marks and dilution chart allow you to mix STARPOWER at the proper ratio for the task at hand. Durable spray trigger and bottle allow for repeated usage. Packaged as a case of 4 or 12 bottles.

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