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STARDUST Oil-Only Bonded Sorbent Perforated Roll

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STARDUST Oil-Only Bonded Sorbent Perforated Roll
Part Number: 2SDWRB

High quality melt-blown polypropylene. Fast-wicking fibers are ideal for absorbing oil and other hydrocarbon drips, leaks, spills, and discharges. When such spills occur on water the pads absorb oily substances but repel water. Excellent for both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids including food oils, fuel, solvents, and oil-based paint and chemicals. With perforations you tear off roll only what’s needed. Use in open areas, under machinery, or in hard to reach tight spots where spills and leaks are frequent, or as a temporary walkway mat. The answer for removing oil spills from water in the open environment—including ponds, lakes, streams, bar ditches, marinas, etc.—or in facility settings from sumps, tanks, catch basins, and holding tanks. Ultrasonic weld points bind the material together, reducing lint and keeping it intact for increased durability, thus saving money.

  • Absorb oil, other hydrocarbons, but repel water when both are present. Problem solved
  • Fabricated from high quality melt-blown polypropylene

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